The easiest way to buy cleaner, cheaper energy in New York City

We connect local power directly to you, eliminating the cost of middle men. That's why our small business customers are saving up to 10% on their power bill. Great for the environment, great for your business.

"The savings have been unreal..."

"…before, we were paying $1000 per month for each location and now we’re saving over 30% per month."

— Eddie, Korilla BBQ owner, multiple locations

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Clean, Local, and Affordable

You don’t have to choose between the environment and your business. With Drift, you get easy access to clean energy — and it's actually cheaper than what you're paying right now.

What You Get With Drift

  • 100% renewable energy
  • Up to 10% savings
  • 100% local power from New York
  • 10% reduction in your carbon footprint
employee standing on a ladder, stocking shelves in Riverdel Fine Foods

Smart for your business, good for the planet

With Drift, you not only pay less for power, but you also increase the sustainability of your business. You save money and the planet at the same time.

"Savings of $200 a month is significant for us. Once I got a hold of the cost, we switched to the Clean Energy plan. It’s definitely more aligned with what we believe in."

— Michaela, Riverdel Fine Foods owner, Brooklyn