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People want to know where their power comes from. That's why Drift customers buy from our network of independent clean power makers.

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By joining Drift, you become a part of the community of buyers and sellers that’s helping to protect our planet, our health and our economy.

What people are saying

"Climate change is an important issue for consumers. But they aren’t sure how their everyday actions can make a difference. Our partnership with Drift will them do just that."

- Budweiser

"Drift could be the next disruptive technology to influence rapidly changing US power markets."

- Forbes

"Drift launched first with consumers but quickly realized that larger companies and city managers could us the same tools to get clean energy at a better price."

- Fast Company

Are you a renewable generator? Join Drift to save the planet and earn more.

Drift is the most efficient, modern, and sustainable power marketplace. Our technology eliminates the middleman and earns you more money by buying the power you want to sell.

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