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We’re on a mission to empower you to make energy choices that can save the world. Whether you're an individual, a small company, or a Fortune 500 company, Drift gives you the tools to build a carbon-free energy future.

Drift’s technology adds transparency to enable a perfect match between energy demand and renewable energy. We’re building the tools required to get to a world that runs on 100% renewables. All day. Every day.

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Companies and individuals want to know where their power comes from. That is why Drift customers are buying from our growing network of independent clean power makers.

Join the movement. List your power and get premium price for premium power.

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In a world connected with each other 24/7, why is energy not 24/7 renewable? Technology can fix this.

Drift is the only platform that can make your business run 100% on renewable energy 24 hours a day, every day. Lead the path.

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What our customers say

"It takes the mystery out of the energy company! They tell you exactly where your energy is coming from, and what you’re paying for."

- Brandon, New York, NY

"Signing up was so easy and I love the statements showing the breakdown of my usage. I never thought I’d look forward to a bill!"

- Deb, Manhattan, NY

"A modern power utility for the modern era that's truly saving me money! Everyone should switch! Best thing I ever did living in NYC!"

- Chris, New York, NY