We are 100% green, 100% of the time.

We power the world with 100% green energy, right now, 24 hours a day.

Day or night

At Drift, 100% means the same at 11pm as it does at 11am. In January the same as in June. So we built the only energy network to deliver 100% green energy, every hour of the day.

Rain or shine

We believe the world can run on sunshine, wind, and water. By joining Drift, you get an uninterrupted supply of solar, wind and run-of-river hydro matched to power usage in real-time.

What people are saying

"Climate change is an important issue for consumers. But they aren’t sure how their everyday actions can make a difference. Our partnership with Drift will them do just that."

- Budweiser

"Drift could be the next disruptive technology to influence rapidly changing US power markets."

- Forbes

"Drift launched first with consumers but quickly realized that larger companies and city managers could us the same tools to get clean energy at a better price."

- Fast Company

Are you a green energy generator?

If you want a partner who pays for 100% of the green energy you generate join Drift.