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Power your company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 100% renewable energy.

Drift’s platform traces the time and location of every renewable energy generation unit in our network.

No single source of renewable energy can power the world - or you - with 100% renewable energy. Outdated technology can't do it either, so we've built the first real-time green energy trading platform, taking in data, setting prices, and transacting power to add more renewable energy to the grid.

Our network of suppliers provides with you with a portfolio of local wind, solar, hydro and energy storage to power your business with 100% renewable energy every hour of every day.

Load vs. Generation Type

Load Vs Generation type diagram

Load Match to Generation

Load match to tRECs diagram

Compare and contrast

We know you have many options, see how we stand out.

clean power purchase options Time Matched Additionality Drives New Supply Ease of Start Up Low Risk
Drift 24/7 high high high high high
Custom & Drift 100 medium medium medium high high high
On-Site Renewables medium low high high low low
Off-Site PPA medium low medium low medium high low low
Virtual PPA medium low medium low medium high low low
Credits & Offsets low low low high high

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