Make a difference

When you make smart choices about renewable energy, you help protect our planet, our health, and our economy. Drift is the smartest choice you can make.

We've built the first real-time green energy trading platform, and it's the only tool that can fuel the electrical grid with 100% renewable energy, 100% of the time.

Choose the plan that's right for you

Drift 100

Precise impact and cost based on your consumption

  • Switch to Drift as your monthly 100% renewable electricity supplier.
  • Drift works with your local energy provider to measure your energy consumption and make it 100% renewable each month.
  • Ideal for residential customers and brands who want to be powered with 100% renewable energy.

Custom Impact

Set your budget, monitor your impact

  • Allocate a monthly budget to offset your power consumption with clean energy.
  • Keep your current utility and upgrade to clean power. No extra equipment or installation needed.
  • Ideal for customers and brands starting to explore renewable energy options with a fixed budget.

Protect the planet

Switch to 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost

No contracts or hidden fees

Easy to set up. Cancel anytime, no penalties or extra fees

Monitor your impact & consumption

Login to your dashboard and see your consumption, impact and power sources