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Power your home or small business with local renewable energy and still save up to 10% on your electricity — save the planet without paying more.

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Be leaders in the transition to a carbon-free economy. Drift takes 100% renewable energy to the next step. 100% renewable energy, 100% of the time.

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If you are a supplier of renewable generation, we can match your clean local energy to a community of interested corporate and individual buyers.

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Clean Energy Made Simple

Drift uses smart software to optimize the supply chain, so we provide you with clean, local power and save you money at the same time.

Features you'll love

  • Do Good:
    Do your part for the planet.
  • Save:
    Up to 10% monthly versus what you pay now.
  • Easy:
    No long term commitments. No fees. Full transparency. Cancel anytime.

How it works

No need to install solar panels on your roof or pay a premium price to help the environment. Drift has a better solution for you.


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Create a Drift account with no long term commitment.


We Switch You Over

No need to cancel your old utility service or install anything. Drift seamlessly transfers your service for you.


You Get Green

Drift bills you monthly, and supplies you with clean power generated by local renewable resources.

It's that easy.

What Our Customers Say

"A modern power utility for the modern era that's truly saving me money! Everyone should switch! Best thing I ever did living in NYC!"

- Chris, New York, NY

"Signing up was so easy and I love the statements showing the breakdown of my usage. I never thought I’d look forward to a bill!"

- Deb, Manhattan, NY

"It takes the mystery out of the energy company! They tell you exactly where your energy is coming from, and what you’re paying for."

- Brandon, New York, NY